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Convenience stores, barber & beauty shops, smoke shops, car washes, detail shops, specialty shops & vapor lounges.  

Grow with us and start selling the fastest growing scentsation in the nation. We promote your business with your purchase for FREE on our website & social media networks.  


Damn Air Freshener brings you repeat customers because our air fresheners are never watered down and are 100% oil-based. Damn doesn't stain upholstery, it's biodegradable and eliminates odors on contact. The bonus of this investment is that we promote your company along with Damn Air Freshener on all our social media networks.  Who doesn't like  free advertising? We pride ourselves in our product being a premium air freshener because we don't use dyes, we don't cut corners and Damn Air Freshener stays consistent to our customers standards!

Damn Air Freshener Distributors

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